How to Dress For the Cold | Winter Tips and Tricks

With winter right around the corner, the thought on everyone's mind is "how to stay warm". The cold weather poses a series of challenges when trying to go any activity let alone exercising. Making sure you are prepared to brave the cold weather will make all the difference whether you are going to the gym for a bodybuilding workout or shovelling out after a snow storm. We are going to cover some tips, tricks and benefits for making the most of your fitness in the chilli weather. 


The secret to being warm and active this winter is...... Layer! 

Making sure you leave the house equipped with the right set of layered clothing with allow you to stay comfortable in any situation. As you start moving you may get too warm and can always remove layers to you at the perfect temperature. The first and most important layer is your base. 

The Base layer sits very close to the skin an is your first guard against heat loss. Your body works so hard to produce heat so don't let it escape! A good base layer is soft, tight and breathable. Being so tight to the skin you want to make sure the fabric is soft and comfortable. Secondly you want to make sure the material is breathable. As you warm up you don't want to trap all that hot air in to the point it condenses and creates moisture. This can be uncomfortable and even add you you becoming chilli. Allowing the moisture to be released will keep you warm and cozy. Here are a few good choices for your base layer. 

Next you'll need a quality second layer. This is going to add some insulation to keep any cold air away from your body and any warm are near your body. This layer can easily be taken off if the temperature dictates. We usually recommend a T-shirt. They are light weight comfortable and easy to take off or put on. Here are some goo choices...

Core Mesh Vintage Washed Graphic Tee

Lastly you'll want a comfy hoodie to protect your ears and head as well as keep more of the heat in. A zip hoodie can delivery two levels of warmth without having to remove it. Unzipped will allow a good chunk of body heat to escape if the conditions favour it. On the other side, zipped up fully and hood on will keep in maximal toastiness. Here are some third layer options

Spectrum Hoodie Split Zip Hoodie Forte Jacket

No matter what your fitness  plans are this fall or winter, make sure to bundle up. Nothing can ruin an adventure or workout faster than being cold and uncomfortable. 

Don't be a part of the ordinary and stay in all winter letting your physique slip away, Be a Menace To The Ordinary!