Upcoming: How to Become A Sponsored Athlete Anywhere

Ever wondered where to begin on getting sponsored in the fitness industry? Perhaps you’d like some guidance and advice on how to make yourself stand out amongst the ever growing sea of the #fitfam.



Well, we have great news! Jed North TV is producing a mini Youtube series with sponsored athletes Priscilla Tavares and Blake Muracco, teaching you everything you need to know about sponsorships.

The series will cover topics like:

  • sponsorship vs. ambassador
  • how to brand yourself
  • how to approach companies
  • how to climb the ladder in the industry

The series will later expand into how to several episodes solely teaching you how to manage your social media. All of this will be available on Jed North’s YouTube channel in the next few weeks, so make sure you subscribe here!

If you are specifically interested in becoming a Jed North Athlete, you can easily apply on our website here.