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12 Fun Facts About Jed North

by Mehgan Tabuac 13 Aug 2020 0 Comments
To Celebrate our 5th Birthday, here are some interesting facts about Jed North!
  • We are Canadian! Our headquarters is in Toronto, Canada but we have a location in Texas

  • Our Dexter Shorts and Nikki Shorts are named after our teams' dogs
  • We’re called Jed North because the owner's name is Jed and we’re from the North (Canada!)
  • We started off with only doing Men’s tank tops which then grew into a whole line of fitness and casual apparel

  • We don’t have an exact birth date so we just celebrate the whole of August!
  • We have a Letter Customization option so we can handwrite a message for you when you receive your order or if you’re sending it as a gift
  • We have had over 1700 products
  • We ship worldwide
  • Our clothing was featured on Justin Bieber’s Instagram page … was worn by his best friend 😂
  • Our office is dog friendly so our team often brings their furry friends to work
  • We have a gym inside our warehouse!

  • We design all the funky prints on our socks & underwear

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