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A Growing Phenomenon: Jed North Edition

by Andres Rodriguez 04 Nov 2020 0 Comments

Lifestyle Meets Functionality

Menace to Ordinary… What better way to describe the athletes that are showcased on our Jed North Move page. These untraditional ways of movements are becoming more and more popular in society and in media. People these days are not just watching fail compilations of parkour or free-running athletes; they are watching to try and learn the sport and see what moves can be mastered next. Limits are tested every time an athlete is posting a video, but that is what makes these athletes so tough and creative!

As all these sports are growing, so too is the culture; from music to clothes, athletes everywhere are growing their own identity and their following. Here we will give you what Jed North clothing is popular amongst the parkour/free-run/callisthenic/tricking community- Where lifestyle meets functionality!

Agile Shorts

One of our most functional shorts for your everyday jumps, backflips, front flips, you name it! Having the ability to move around without restriction, is crucial for athletes to know and feel that they are in control of every factor when pulling off a certain combination or line. Due to its’ versatile, the Agile Shorts are very popular among the movement community.


Energy Oversized Tee/Long Sleeve

By request the most popular item in our catalog according to the Jed North Movement community. As the lifestyle brand is evolving in our culture, athletes are finding where style meets functionality to its’ core. Combining both material and cut is a perfect recipe for athletes to showcase their style and skill!

Spirit Joggers

Made for the gym fanatics and the casual homebody, the Spirit Joggers can fit anyone’s fitness/leisure needs. Once again…VERSATILITY! A word that has been used aplenty throughout this article. Athletes throughout every faction of fitness rely on these joggers to enhance performance. Movement athletes do this, but to an extreme! Testing the durability with every fall, slip, roll, and landing is the ultimate evaluation of quality clothing.

As these sports grow in popularity, the culture will grow along with it. Major events such as American Ninja Warrior and World Chase Tag bolster the reach for these athletes and give them an opportunity to do what they love. Jed North is looking to grow along side with this community and expand to new levels of sport.

Follow @jednorthmove on Instagram for highlights of incredible athletes doing their thing!

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