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Denim: The Athleisure Necessity of 2020

by Nathalie Russell 24 Jan 2020 0 Comments
In the past athleisure attire used to be limited to pieces such as leggings and joggers. However, there is a new trend coming back that is stirring up the fashion world. Denim ensemble pieces have been all the rage lately especially due to their updated look and feel. Consumers prefer the feel of stretchy comfortable denim and won’t accept anything less. Thankfully Jed North denim is made from 85% cotton and 15% spandex, so you don’t have to compromise comfort. So, don’t get left behind this year! Check out our trendy denim fashion for both men and women to keep up with the 2020’s hottest looks.

An essential piece that will vamp up your athleisure look is our Zeus Slim Fit Jeans. If you want to take your everyday casual look to the next level, try spicing it up with a pair of distressed jeans. Pair it with a casual hoodie or basic t-shirt for an effortless look or dress them up with a collared button-up shirt or long sleeve for a night out! Pick from our selection of dark blue, light blue, and black to jazz up your outfit - the possibilities are endless.

Step outside of the box this year and try adding a jean jogger to your everyday wardrobe. Our Skywalker Jean Joggers are a staple piece that is sure to add some flare to your outfit. It’s the perfect mixture of everyone’s favourite athleisure piece and denim! Style it with a simple tee for a casual look. Or style it with a denim bomber for that edgy denim on denim look.

Try incorporating some classic denim shorts into your outfits this summer. This fashion-forward look is perfect if you want to feel light and breezy in the warmer weather. The perfect pair of denim shorts for women are our Aphrodite Jeans. They’re comfortable, stretchy, and due to its lightweight material, they mold to the shape of your body for a flattering effect. Try styling them with a cropped tank top or cute tee for that effortlessly chic summertime look.

Overall, the fashion industry is shifting due to the ever-growing obsession with athleisure apparel. However, unlike the past denim is making its way into the heart of athleisure lovers like never before. So, don’t get left behind with the times, check out the array of styles the Jed North has to offer so that you can show off your stylish looks too.
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