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Growing Big Quads 101

by Luke Bermingham 17 Jul 2020 0 Comments

How to build big quads 

Having big Quads is a dream for most gym goers, but leg day is also the most dreaded day of the workout week! In this article we will be discussing the most optimal way to grow your quads so that you can make the most gains for your hard work.


King of quad exercises

If you could only choose one exercise to use for quad growth, it would have to be the squat.

The barbell back squat has the highest potential for progressive overload and strength development, making it easier to move big weights on!. The front squat puts more emphasis on the quads and the weights are usually lighter, a great option if you have knee problems!

Stance and depth 

If you watch the squat racks at the gym , you will notice there are tons of different forms being used to execute the same movement. According to some studies, squatting to and just below parallel gives you the best quad activation, resulting in growth. If you cannot hit depth properly, squat as low as you can with good form. As for stance width, use whatever stance is most comfortable for you to hit depth in! And use that same stance for other movements like the leg press. 


Other movements and frequency

Exercises like: Leg extensions, dumbbell step ups & Leg press all have great quad engagement too! These movements are harder to progressively overload like you can with squats, but they are great to get volume in! When looking at how often you should train the quads, specialists recommend 1.5-3 times per week. This can look like: 1 heavy session and one light session, all the way to 3 sessions per week. 

If you follow these suggestions and train, eat and recover hard, you will be well on the way to growing a great set of quads.

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