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How to get a stronger deadlift

by Luke Bermingham 11 Sep 2020 0 Comments

Deadlifts are known to most gym goers as a fun full body exercise, to others they can come off as very scary. They are a very great builder of strength, and dense muscle in the posterior chain. If you are just getting into deadlifts, or want to take your deadlift game to the next level, this is a great read for you!  



One reason that deadlifts are looked upon as a scary exercise, is due to the fact many lifters injure themselves while doing deadlifts. This is not because doing deadlifts automatically equals pain, and or injury, it comes down to the form and approach you use. There are tons of YouTube videos online that you can watch to learn proper deadlift form! Another thing you can do to ensure you have good form is to film yourself from the side! Watching your videos after performing the lift can help you analyze what part of your deadlift might need form work.



Deadlifts are a very taxing lift, they take a lot of energy. Because of this, it is better to keep your deadlift sessions a little shorter (especially when starting off) A deadlift session can be anywhere from 15-45 minutes depending on your rest times. Making sure to give yourself time between deadlift sets is very important, they require a lot of focus and recovery time compared to an exercise like lat pulls downs.

Deadlifting 1-2 times per week is most likely ideal, Make sure not to push yourself to hard every session, a great deadlift is built from good form over time. If you chose to deadlift twice a week, incorporating paused deadlifts will help your technique a lot!  Once again make sure the reps are clean and easy!




Another problem with deadlifts, is that they are a full body exercise that requires you to be warm and ready to lift. The main reason why people get hurt while deadlifting, is because they do not Warm-up correctly or long enough. Injury prevention needs to be priority. Make sure you spend 10-15 minutes doing dynamic warm-ups before touching the barbell, to help prevent injury.   


If you take everything slowly, and make sure you are warm and ready to lift before touching the barbell, you will be on route for some nice deadlift progression. Make sure to be safe and wear a mask!


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