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An Interview with IFBB Pro Cody Montgomery

by Ikroop Khanna 01 Nov 2019 1 comment
1. Who is your biggest inspiration and why?
- Jay Cutler
Since day one Jay has been a huge role model for me and someone I've looked up to. Not just the bodybuilder "Jay Cutler" but also the person he is off stage, how he conducts himself amongst others and how professional he has always been/presented bodybuilding. I have looked towards him for advice at the business side of bodybuilding and I also think he really has paved the way for a lot of other bodybuilders and making it a career as he has.
2. How did achieving soo much success at such a young age change your life?
- Focus & determination.
When I put my mind to something I give it my absolute everything. I think that a lot of my success early on was due to my OCD type focus while prepping and my determination to not fail.

(Cody winning Mr. USA title at age 20)
3. What are your plans for your future?
- 2019 Japan Pro
Getting back in the OPEN class has been my main goal this year and I'll be competing this November at the Japan Pro in Tokyo and hoping to carry that into a good 2020 season.

4. What motivates you to stay fit and to keep up with it when some days it gets difficult?
Thinking of the end goal or the bigger picture. Days will be difficult along the way that's part of it but the strength you gain from pushing through those days is what I think about. Pain is weakness leaving the body!

5. What are some of the hobbies that you enjoy during your downtime?
I enjoy gaming (PS4 @cody_monty), guns, cooking, hanging out with my family, and watching sports.
6. How has becoming a father changed your life?
It's made me change ALOT for the better. Everyone always used to tell me it would change the way you look at the world and I can't say that isn't truer. The day he was born my priorities changed and it's been for the better. He's motivated me more than he will ever know.
7. What does your workout playlist look like?
I usually have 2-3 playlists going - one for cardio, one for my car and one for the gym / working out. Cardio I listen to stuff like Enimen, NF, Kendrick Lamar. Car stuff I usually listen to Post Malone, Drake, etc. Gym one I usually like heavier type music but depends on the mood that day - usually I'm listening to stuff like Metallica, Lamb of God and System Of A Down type playlist.
8. What is your fondest memory and why?
Talking about bodybuilding memories I would say 100% winning the NPC USAs is up there but as far as in life, the minute I saw my son Brax for the first time. A moment I won't ever forget and will forever cherish.

9. If you were god for a day, what changes would you make to the world?
Try and spread more positivity. There's so much negativity and hate in the world I wish that everyone could just be a little more positive and nicer to one another.
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1 comment

13 Nov 2019 JNB Radoslav Angelov

Wish him luck this weekend in Japan!

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