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Leg Workout to Increase Strength and Vertical

by Andres Rodriguez 26 May 2021 0 Comments

Want to strengthen your legs?! Steven Celi can not only help you with that, but can also get your vertical up! For all those high flyers, take a look at this workout below to get some serious leg gains.

Steven will take you through this explosive workout:

Depth Jumps
  • Find a platform 12-24 inches.
  • Step off
  • Land and react to jump as fast as possible.
  • The goal is to absorb the landing forces and jump as high as possible
  • The added height of the box is a great way to create more natural forces
Goblet Squats
  • Hold the weight by your chest and squat to parallel 90º
  • Squat form
  • Chest up
  • Core engaged
  • Stay balanced on feet dont let feet rock too far on toes. Push through but and hamstrings
  • Sit your butt back
  • The goal is to move with intention and explode on the way up.
  • Utiilzing the hips, glutes and hamstrings in a similar range to an actual jump
Lunge jumps
  • Find your lunge base at 90º
  • Jump up using a large arm swing
  • Alternate legs in the air and land 
  • Land and explode back up as fast and as high as possible
  • This is a high amount of load on hips and hamstrings
  • Requires a lot balance and strength!
Single leg Box Jump
  • Great exercise to increase running and jumping speed
  • Use non jumping leg to drive knee up
  • Try to find a box that pushes you to jump high and use a lot of force through the hip flexor
Ankle strength & mobility
  • Jumping is a ton of force on our bodies we need to work from the ground up.
  • Starts with ankles and even the toes
  • Preferrably use flat shoes or barefoot
  • In an alternative lunge position, find a light weight suitable for you and place on top of your knee
  • Do 12 reps with 6 second holds for each rep
  • Push the knee directly over the toes
  • (should feel in front and back of ankle maybe even calf
  • There should be no pain 
Sissy  squats (knee protection)
  • Jumper’s knee is one of the most common ailments among dunkers.
  • Sissys squats are fantastic to hit the full range of the knee tendon
  • They are EXTREME load so they take a long time to work up to full range and depth
  • Start by engaging glutes & core
  • Slowly lower your body pushing knees over toes
  • Without pain lower to the floor (onto a pad)
  • Push back up keeping core & glutes engaged *key*
  • This exercises targets the VMO quad muscle that’s often missed
  • Hollow body planks 2 min
  • Standard plank 2 min
  • Ab wheel 2 x sets of 20
  • Hanging leg raises 20 middle, 20 each side

If you want to see more workouts like this make sure to follow Steven Celi and Jed North on Instagram! 

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