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by Andres Rodriguez 21 Apr 2021 0 Comments

There is an excitement in the air as the season goes on… The perfect mixture of normality returning and the weather lifting our spirits. You will also start to notice the flowers blooming and the sleeves on your t-shirts coming off. Yes! Tank season is right around the corner. We want you to get you ready for this upcoming summer with the must have tank tops for the gym, cottage, and beach trips that will fill up your weekends.

Apollo Tank

This staple piece is the most versatile tank you could own. You could be crushing reps at the gym or take it to a patio lunch. The sleek logo and different colourways allow you to match this tank with any summer outfit you would like. This piece is a Jed North original, and has lasted the years for a reason. It is a must have…

Stark No-Seam Stringer

Into the new news… this stringer is extremely light weight and flexible and gives you a different look compared to our classic stringer. The no seams give it a sleek look, keeping any joggers/short combo looking clean. With this style we are also highlighting the bodybuilding physique with XXXL’s available.

Training tank

We just added two new colours to the family. The red and blue Training Tanks join the original black, white, and gray as essentials to workout gear for this spring/summer. The loose fit look allows athletes to move without restrictions. For the workout enthusiasts, the thick straps and wide back provides stability in the tank top, to allow a secure fit.

Notable Mention

Graphic Stringer

This tank had to be mentioned due to the fact that it can play to a persons personality. With a variety of patterns, one can collect them all to have the most diverse outfits in the game or just buy ones that speak to your personality. There is a graphic stringer for everyone.

If these tanks don’t completely speak to you, well you are in luck. We also have more styles that may be closer to your taste such as; the Classic Stringer, Vital Muscle T-Shirt, Luxe Flex Loose-Fit Muscle T-shirt, just to name a few.

Check out our @jed_north and @jednorthbodybuilding pages on Instagram for news on new arrivals and latest fashion trends.

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