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The New Men’s Seamless Compression Collection

by Priscilla Tavares 02 Feb 2018 1 comment

What is a “Seamless Design”?

    Simply put, the seamless design is created for you – A man struggling to find comfortable compression tops that doesn’t take away your masculinity. It is a technique used to make clothing utterly seam and stitch free. Although discrete enough to wear under clothing, our seamless collection is too complimenting to be hidden. The lack of seams provide the upmost comfort and flexibility - which are always necessary during physical activity.

    What does it feel like?

    The seamless collection feels like a swab of clouds compressing your skin, created by angels in the Jed North factory. It has just the right amount of tightness without any restriction that could throw off your workout. It is extremely soft to the touch and is stretchier than you’d expect.



    What is it made of? How do I wash it?

    The seamless collection is made of 65% nylon and 35% polyester, making this the perfect combination for dynamic workout movements, sweat, and ultimate comfort. This perfect blend of material is also breathable. For best long-term care, machine wash on cold and either hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat.

    Does the material cause pilling?

    No one ever wants those little ugly bobbles of fuzz on their clothing. Fortunately for you, Jed North uses higher quality material than our competitors. We tested the seamless pieces under 20+ washes and saw no deterioration of the fabric.

    How do I know my size?

    The seamless collection is our first collection to come in mixed sizes – Small/Medium and Medium/Large. This is simply because the material is so stretchy, it is able to fit many different body types. Take a look at the chart size below for guidance!

      Click here to see our sizing chart

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      1 comment

      14 Jan 2020 Don Hayes

      Great concept !

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