15-Year-Old Tristyn Lee Going Viral

At only fifteen years old, Tristyn Lee is quickly becoming a bodybuilding phenomenon. He goes to school daily and lives with his family in Ontario, Canada, but he is clearly no average teen. 

He began bodybuilding as young as thirteen years old, and has no intentions to slow down now. The media team at Jed North was able to sit down with Tristyn and get to know him a little better. 

In this video, Tristyn reveals his real reason for training hard at the gym... Showing true purpose and unusual dedication. He also displays atypical intelligence on the topic of bodybuilding for someone his age. 


"If you can't fully feel the contraction, you shouldn't be lifting that heavy."



We should certainly be expecting to see more of this young prodigy in the upcoming years; not because of his muscle density and body fat percentage at such a young age, but because of his awe-inspiring mindset we can all look up to.


What are your thoughts on bodybuilding at such a young age? Should teens be waiting for full maturity before bodybuilding? 

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