Logan Franklin to beat Jeremy Buendia?

Well known IFBB Pro Logan Franklin is convinced he has the potential to beat the 4x Mr.Olympia champion Jeremy Buendia. Undefeated four years in a row, Jeremy Buendia is labelled the unstoppable men's physique world champion since 2014. 

"Hopefully we can stop him before he gets to five", says Logan. 

Also an official Jed North athlete, Logan was interviewed by our media team to ask him personal questions like who his REAL competition is this year, as well as his brutally honest feelings towards cardio. Does Logan Franklin have the potential to stop Jeremy's winning streak? 



Despite Logan's placements at his future competitions this year, high respect goes out to his insane perseverance to strive and conquer the unconquerable. Follow Logan and his journey on his Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

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