Chris Bumstead and Cody Montgomery
Train Back and Biceps

We were excited to catch up with bodybuilding superstars Chris Bumstead and Cody Montgomery while there were here for the Toronto Pro Supershow.

Cody fresh off his second place finishing in the 212 class and Chris begging his Olympia prep, met for a back and bi workout. 

Check out this video to get fired up to take your physique to the next level. Use their workout to add some serious size to you back and bi’s.

Cody and Chris Back and Bi Workout

Lat Pull Down - 6 sets of 10 - 12
Straight Arm Pull Down - 5 sets of 12
Hammer Strength Row - 5 sets of 10-12
Hammer Strength Overhead Row - 4 sets of 12
Support Incline Dumbbell Row - 4 sets of 12-15
Standing Barbell Curl - 10 sets of 10