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Jed North at the Toronto Pro Show 2018

by Priscilla Tavares 16 Apr 2018 0 Comments

Jed North is excited to announce our appearance at the annual Toronto Pro Show for the second time ever! Jed North is expanding fast and large, and we will not miss out on an opportunity to be involved in Canada's largest fitness and health exposition. 

This year Jed North will be located directly across the Pro Stage at booth #620. Discounted merchandise will be available for purchase for roughly $20-$30 a piece! Come meet your idols and some of the greatest athletes in the industry for photo ops you won't want to miss. 

When: June 2 & 3 2018

Who: Jed North Staff and official athletes (details on individuals to come). 

Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre Exhibition Halls in the North Building (255 Front St. W.)

 What to expect if it's your first time:

There will be hundreds of booths representing all of the world's best fitness and health brands. Bring a bag to put your samples in - which will be handed to you in every isle you walk down. It is also recommended to bring cash. The majority of these booths will only accept cash as it's faster and more efficient. You can expect crazy sales, crazy traffic, but best of all, crazy energy! Come well rested for a long day of walking and exploring. 

For more information, head to the Toronto Pro Show's official website:


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