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by Priscilla Tavares 02 Apr 2018 0 Comments

You may be losing hope and motivation and you're not sure why. A staggering amount of people give up on their fitness goals every day. Are you wondering what's happening and how you can fix it? Certified coach and Jed North Athlete Quinn Biddle has some answers and words of motivation for you:

Our minds 🧠 are the MOST powerful asset that we have. Without belief in something we will never be able to achieve it!

As a coach, I constantly see others...

🚫Doubt themselves

🚫Think they’re a special case, or nobodies body works like theirs
🚫Have a victim mentality
🚫Claim they're "just too busy"
🚫Claim that "nobody understands"
🚫Take offense to constructive criticism
🚫Blame others for their problems

When someone comes in with the mindset like that, it’s a 💯% guarantee that they will LOSE.

MIND over matter is a real thing, I often get asked, “How do you ALWAYS get it done and stay positive about things??"

It goes like this⬇️

✅I AM WHERE I AM BECAUSE OF ME, don’t blame others! (This one is important)
✅I believe I can change
✅I write my goals down and commit to them
✅I embrace challenges and love getting feedback on how I can improve
✅I realize that setbacks help me refocus
✅I realize if it’s worth it, it won’t be easy, so I don’t expect it to be

Change your MINDSET and it will change your LIFE!

For a free consultation call with Coach Quinn, click here or visit his Instagram for daily inspiration: @Quinncidence

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