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Dieting on the holidays

by Luke Bermingham 04 Dec 2020 0 Comments


With the Holidays around the corner, Fitness fanatics around the world are conflicted about how to go about these holidays without packing on any unwanted pounds, or losing any gains. Sometimes when surrounded with all the sweets, and amazing foods we are tempted to binge. There are tons of ways to enjoy the holiday festivities without feeling left out! Look no further than these tips!

Snack Wisely! 

Out of sight out of mind, Try your best to keep any cookies, goodies ect.. out of your sight so that you do not find yourself snacking just to snack! Snacking can take away from your ability to enjoy the big meals with your friends and family. If you are on top of your snacking habits you can fit a lot more on your plate come meal time!

Portion sizing!

Around the holidays it can be very easy to overload your plate! There are tons of amazing foods especially at events such as potlucks and family meals! It is always a good move to add smaller portions and then deciding if you should go back for round two! 

You can also be sure to have high amounts of protein sources! Every gram of protein is less calories than a gram of fat! This way you can hit your protein goal and be sure to not consume way too many calories! 


Enjoy yourself 

If you are not in prep for a show, magazine shoot ect. The holidays are the perfect time to let loose and enjoy yourself! You will have months after that to clean things up once again! And the New year is a great time to restart the diet! 

If you follow these suggestions you can keep yourself accountable! 


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