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Work From Home With Comfort

by Andres Rodriguez 04 Dec 2020 0 Comments

Working from home has become a new norm for a lot of people this year. So, it looks like we only have one option, to embrace our new office attire… comfort clothes. Now, we are not saying to show up to your quarterly review in a training tank, but for the other days where you don’t have to turn on your camera in meetings, we can help! With this being said, we can also help you in the more  formal department as well, if the circumstance calls for it.

Jed North has got you covered for the most essential stay-at-home work outfits. Here we list potential outfit combinations.

We cannot complement this combination enough… Oversize Tee and Spirit or Old School Joggers. I would just leave it at that but for those who may have been living under a rock for the duration of this pandemic (I don’t blame you) this combination delivers you optimal comfort! You can even walk out the house and still be stylin’.

Now for the ladies…Our first recommendation is the plush-knit set. If comfort were a matching set it would be these. If shorts and a crop top isn’t for you? We still got you… A Boyfriend Oversized T-Shirt Dress (boyfriend not included) can get you settled in for 2 hour work meetings with ease. AND if you are not feeling that, we got an assortment of leggings (Jed North Recommendation: Flow Leggings) and sports bras that can get you from the home gym to the home office without any hassle of changing!

For the moments that you have to take that sticky note off your camera, we got you as well! For the men we have Signature Polo’s and Rogue Slim Fitted Button Ups that will have your boss questioning his $500 dress shirt!... we also have boxers for the bottom half of you… because who needs pants now for virtual meetings, right?

We got plenty of options here for the women as well! If you want to go formal, we have the Stella and Celine dress that will surely be an eye catcher. BUT we also have the Essential/Fantasy Bodysuit- High Rise Jean combo that will make all your co-workers jealous!

At the end of the day if you want to just throw on an Energy Pullover Hoodie and some shorts, that works too! The beauty of Jed North is that we got every style that will get you through you work week as quick and as fashionable as possible. For more wardrobe ideas, head over to our Pinterest page (Jed North Apparel) or check out our Instagram pages @jed_north and @jednorthwomen.

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