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7 Ways to Eat Healthy On Vacation

by ASHNA KAPOOR 24 Dec 2019 0 Comments
The day arrives, it’s time for a great new adventure. Taking time off to go on vacation whether to unwind or see new places can be a good time! However, if the idea of not eating properly causes tension, clear your mind and feel at ease following our top 7 tips on how to stay healthy on vacation

  • Indulge On Purpose

  • One of the biggest mistakes people make on vacation is not actively questioning their actions while making a purchase e.g. “Am I bored or actually hungry?” It makes a difference being selective with your food portion in-take on vacation. Savor each bite-size portion, make sure to fill up on veggies, keep a water bottle close to you and, plan your meal in advance.  
    More or less temptation begins the moment you choose to spend money on every meal of the day, increasing your calorie intake as you’ve never seen before, rather than maintaining regular-sized meal portions.

  • Have It Your Way

  • The moment you decide to eat out, realize that restaurants double the number of ingredients and portions for plate sizes. This makes a simple meal heavier than it’s supposed to be. However, nowadays most restaurants allow customization meals, making it simpler to dine in and be cautious with the amount of food your body consumes in one sitting. 
  • Prepare Your Own Meals

  • If you’re prone to getting sick on vacation or looking for a low-key night, a quick alternative to fighting stomach viruses is removing any outside restaurant consumption chances. Opt for grocery stores or farmers' markets instead, as an advisable experience, you’ll be able to intake local seafood and vegetables at your own discretion. 
  • Count Your Steps

  • Traveling out of your comfort zone means trying new experiences. People shouldn’t feel the need to avoid certain meals just because they are on holiday. It’s those times exactly when you should experience the variety of food across the globe that people have to offer. However, it’s especially important to include at least a simple 30-minute workout either cardio or strength training in order to stay fit and keep proper digestion. It’s easier to count your steps while hiking, biking or going on a walk. As long as the heart is pumping you’ll feel better knowing the balance with the number of calories you consume on a trip. 
  • Share Meals

  • How do you avoid having a sweet tooth or salty food craving when traveling? You don’t. Being mindful about how much you consume is an option however, you can choose to make it easier by splitting meals into halves with a buddy. Sharing meals is especially great when trying local cuisine dishes without feeling obligated to finish an entire plate on your own. Make sure to revise cultural restaurant etiquette to avoid disrespect.  
  • Hide the Mini-Bar Key

  • Avoid staying indoors and wasting precious time to explore new places. Individuals get distracted by cable in their hotel rooms and are tempted by the mini-bar while on vacation. Simple times like these are when water is your friend. Traveling can dehydrate a person due to being out in the sun more than your body is used to. Wear your activewear apparel to create new memories of adventuring in a whole new surroundings, where no one knows who you are? It’s a great learning experience. 
  • Schedule Meal Times

  • Make an effort to consume fruits, veggies, meats, and snacks all at a proper time. Never eat meals 2 hours prior to sleeping as the food is unable to digest properly, leaving it stored as fat in the body. Eat when you're hungry not because you’re on vacation. It’s much more difficult to control as food is accessible all around us, make sure to stick to a palm-size portion meal as it will be the most filling and remove temptations of going back for more.
    Remind yourself while on vacation that this is the time to practice self-care. You’re treating yourself for the better, which means avoid bringing yourself down for your guilty meal pleasure. You don't want to end a vacation feeling worse than you started. For a great workout routine for the people always on the move tap on the @jednorthnation link for some inspo.
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