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Fitness in the Current Era

by Andres Rodriguez 10 Mar 2021 0 Comments

You may think this is a story about fitness growing up through the years, but unfortunately that may have to be for another time. Here we won’t be explaining what fitness regimens or trends were exercised throughout the years but more how it is consumed in the modern age.

Prior to COVID, gym goers would head to the gym and train with friends and personal trainers to get the transformation/development they were looking for. At the same time, solo athletes would use online services to get workout routines or ideas to add to their workout plans. The former allowed human engagement, adding another aspect to look forward to when planning your fitness journey. This all got flipped on it’s head.

Although online influencer fitness plans were prominent in the fitness world prior to COVID, the influencer now has at-home followers that they can reach with one click of the button. While followers are capitalizing on these opportunities, so are influencers. Over this past year you might have extra funds due to gym closures nationwide, but those funds can be allocated to online personal training or influencer workout plans. Best thing is, you can probably see these workout plans ahead of time on Instagram.

Now a new platform that you may not have known about or figured that anything fitness related can be done on it, Twitch. This platform is perfect for your at-home workouts and safe human interaction. The fitness scene is blowing on this platform for the reasons listed above. Followers can interact with the influencer and others following along live, while getting a sweat on; all at the same time!

So you question, what do I need workout clothes for? Well just for exactly that… working out. Although you may not be able to show off your matching set or new stringer at the gym. You could still effectively use it at home while following your favorite content creator. The fitness sphere had to adapt, and they are doing so pretty well. Once the world starts to get back to some normalcy, and gyms open, the online services will evolve again. The access to technology will only keep the fitness sphere more open to a broader audience.

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