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Winter Movements

by Andres Rodriguez 02 Mar 2021 0 Comments

Cold Edition

We did a segment late last year focusing on unique movements that aren’t too popular amongst athletes worldwide, but still are great ways to keep active and burn calories. This time around we want to make one, but “winter edition”! This new year has been quite a start for winter activities; places such as Texas received snow for the first time since 1968, which gave them a taste of what their neighbours up North see for 5 months of the year.

Here we will give you a few activities that can be done recreationally, but will challenge you nonetheless.


We start off with an activity that is incorporated in several sports. Hockey, speed skating, and figure skating to name a few. Although you may need to rent or buy your own pair, this activity can be done just about anywhere there is ice. We do caution you to be careful where you skate on, as shallow ice could be a real hazard. Mostly known to be done as a great Christmas-time date, skating burns 311 calories in just 30-minute of work.


These downhill sports are quite difficult to pick up and participate, but with a few sessions you could be coasting down the green hills with friends a family, also talk about a COVID friendly sport. Although you may start with a few bumps and bruises, there is an alternative to skiing, cross country skiing. This type of skiing is easier on the body but still gives you the sweat you seek. Skiing cross-country lets you burn 240-355 calories in a span of 30 min, while downhill skiing burns 180-266.

Sledding, luge, toboggan

This may be a little unorthodox of an activity to choose but it sure gets your heart rate going. With just 30 minutes of participating, you can burn between 210-311 calories. While you might think this is just a children’s activity, adults can take advantage of the exercise and fun, while reminiscing the joy of their youthful days! Before you disregard this activity just keep in mind how hard it is to keep active indoors during the winter, now pile on COVID restrictions? Ya… going down a hill headfirst kind of does sound like a great idea!

We understand that not everyone has the reach of snow and frostbite (lucky you), so for those who are living in sunshine and beaches, you have many other options that were listed in our first blog on movement. Let us snow shovelers have this one.

To see these sports/activities in action head over to Instagram and check out our @jednorthmove page!

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