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How to reach your fitness goals

by Luke Bermingham 26 Feb 2021 0 Comments

Big goals, small goals.. ALL goals are hit through repetition and consistency! When you are sticking to the right routine and making the right choices on the daily, you are already on the path to destroying your fitness goals! 

Before we get into the importance of repetition to reach success, you need to make sure you are going to be on the right path! Repetition will get you places, but the actions you are repeating will determine your destination. If you are training 6 times a week for hours on end, you will run yourself into a wall. The key is to have the correct amount of sustainable training combined with the diet set for you and your goals.  


When searching for your optimal training and nutrition protocol you should start lower and gradually build up: showing up to the gym three times a week can easily be changed to four! But when your body is overworked, it is harder to find the best frequency for you!  Same when it comes to gaining / losing weight. You can easily add more food in, if the scale is not giving you the results you need! 

Now that you have your goals set and plan in mind, consistency is your best friend! If you can maintain consistency you will notice yourself on your way to achieving your goals! If you have trouble with consistency when it comes to eating, try having a cheat meal once per week. And if you have trouble with showing up to the gym consistently, get a trainer who can hold you accountable. Other ways to keep on track can be rewarding yourself by watching your favorite show at the end of the day if you stay on track!  

On your route to your fitness goals, the biggest thing that we all need to realize is that we are all human and are prone to making mistakes here and there. As well as realizing that most goals take a very long time, this is a marathon not a race, every day you stick to your plan, is one step closer towards your goals! 

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