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Mask On

by Andres Rodriguez 26 Feb 2021 0 Comments

Rewind to only a year ago and we didn’t even think twice about putting on a face covering. Now fast forward to present, and we can’t leave the house without one. A face mask is a must have now, which created the opportunity for it to be used to accessories to your favourite outfit. Knowing the importance of a face mask, trying to create something that the public would want to wear, was important to do.

With Jed North having 30 variations of face coverings, our athletes and customers have many options to choose from.

Let’s start of with your standard face masks, with over 20 face masks on site, we have one for every mood. If you are feeling being patriotic (Canada, USA, UK), or want to match your favorite graphic stringer (multicolour, dark lines, paint splash), the options are there. Finally, If you want to just hit the streets and vibe you can mix-and-match any mask to go along with your lifestyle look.

Moving onto the face scarfs. A winter favorite, as it saves on the ear stress, but still creates a barrier between your mouth and the outside environment. These face scarfs can also double up as neck warmers too, as the elongated fabric covers neck to nose no problem. This face covering is a hit for winter sports enthusiasts as well. Skiers and snowboarders are migrating to these face coverings to help protect, well… their face, while they carve down black diamond hills all day long.

And now, our latest product and a bit of a fusion from the previous two items… a best of both world’s situation. These new reusable face scarves have loops to go around your ear to keep the fabric from falling down. Now in 3 colourways, you can roam the streets in style, with hand in pockets, not having to worry about adjusting the face scarf.

While we are still battling a pandemic, it is important to be cautious of our surroundings and try to be as safe as possible. Although these face carvings aren’t for medical use, having an option is always the best option.

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