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How to enjoy leg day

by Luke Bermingham 07 Jan 2021 0 Comments

You wake up, hop in the shower and head downstairs to have breakfast. After getting your meal in you call up your gym buddy just to get sent to voicemail multiple times. You guys agreed to meet at the gym at 10:30. The time rolls around and you head there yourself. And then it hits you, he is skipping out on leg day. The old gym bro special. Leg day is notoriously known as the day gym bro’s love to skip. Why is this? Is it because the pumps aren't “sick”? Or is it just too boring? Whatever the reason is, it usually boils down to being a boring body part to workout. 

It doesn't have to be that way though! Leg training can be very enjoyable! The best way to enjoy leg day is to set goals for the workout and the workouts to follow! Progress is always enjoyable, you just need to get the ball rolling. A fun exercise to increase is the barbell back squat, or the leg press. These are compound movements where you can add a lot of weight week to week!  

Legs are among the biggest muscle groups in the body, so training them takes a lot of energy. Having a solid and reliable training partner makes all the difference. This way you guys can train safely, load the weights together and keep each other going!

Training legs two times a week is great for recovery! One day can be heavier and the other day can be more volume based. Some great exercise to search up and include are: Leg extensions, dumbbell step ups, stiff leg deadlift and seated leg curl! These movements will attack the front (quad) and back of the leg (hamstring). Follow these tips and you can get into the leg day groove all of 2021! 

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