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The New Arrivals

by Andres Rodriguez 14 Jan 2021 0 Comments

Part 2

As promised, we are giving you another inside on what’s trending in “Lifestyle” and “Gym” attire. Part 2 will showcase some of our newest fitness clothing that will get you looking good while feel good at the bench press. We also didn’t stray away from the at-home and street wear combos you may be looking out for. LET’S GET INTO IT…

Teddy Hoodie

You wouldn’t believe how cozy these sweaters are! Coming in Navy and Brown, you can lounge around in these sweaters all day, AND if you are inclined to go out, you can pair them with any Jed North denim to complete the outfit.

Starfleet Cargo

Step out of your comfort zone and hit the streets with attitude. These combat style pants, are trending in the fashion world and we want you in on it. So we aren’t telling you to hop on the trend, but…. HOP ON! If you are wondering what you can possibly combo these pants with? Well an Oversize Tee will get you looks from all different directions. You can even throw an Iconic hoodie over to still make a statement.

Graphic Stringer

We know it’s a little hard to get to a gym nowadays, but that doesn’t mean the flex stops! Take selfies, and post them all over your page cause these new Graphic Stringer’s are lit! We got new looks such as Lit 2.0, Multicolour, and Blacklines. We seen you guys already rockin’ other Graphic Stringer, so you know how to complete the outfit, but for those wondering… our Spirit Joggers are a great compliment to your favorite Graphic.

Matrix/Spirit Joggers

To the classics. So these aren’t new exactly, but we did bring two new colourways to the collection. We brought out the Matrix Tapered Joggers in Beige and the Spirit Joggers in Coral. These two new colourways were designed to freshened up your closet, and add a little spice to any outfit combination. The best look for these are in the gym crushing some weights, or just enjoy the soft and versatile material to lounge at home.

Here at Jed North we are hoping to get you the latest trends for Lifestyle and Gym. Follow us on IG: @jed_north Pinterest: @jednorthapparel for many different looks that you can take inspiration from!

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