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The key to bigger Arms

by Luke Bermingham 02 Oct 2020 0 Comments

The key to bigger biceps

Having massive biceps is every gym bro’s dream! but, most people do not train them as efficiently as possible. There are many factors that stimulate bicep growth! From the amount of time you rest, frequency you train them, number of sets and reps, all the way to the execution of the movements. There is always room to improve your training and really take your bicep game to that next level.

How often and how should you train them?

Bicep training can be done anywhere from 2 all the way to 4 times per week, though, it is most important to have rest days in between these days for recovery reasons. The biceps are involved in compound movements for the back such as rows, pullups and chin ups, but are not enough of a stimulus on the biceps because the back does most of the work. To ensure you are targeting your biceps well, it is recommended you perform isolation exercises as well such as; barbell and dumbbell curls so isolate the bicep.

How to perform the movements

Using a range of different grip widths will help target the muscle from different angles, but taking a very close grip can actually hinder the activation of the biceps. Another tip is too try and turn your hand up as much as possible while doing dumbbell curls to get as much of a contraction as possible.

Growth strategy

When training your biceps, you have to think of them just like any other muscle, Progressive overload is the way to grow. Week after week it's important to challenge the muscle via more weight on the bar, more reps and or more sets.
Something else to keep in mind is your exercise selection. Our muscles only have a certain capacity for effective training, we need the right movements for maximum gains.

The best way to combine all of these methods is to follow or create a program for yourself to abide by. This way you are able to keep yourself accountable and on track towards your goals.

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